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We were born in 1998 from previous professional experience in the wine sector and since then we have never stopped specializing in the transfer of knowledge and technology between the various players in the world of wine.

We are Innovation Brokers specialized in the wine sector.

We have built up an unprecedented network of international relations between technicians, researchers and suppliers, which is a continuous source and effective vehicle for innovation.

Our mission is to break down any barriers –  whether they are space, time, language or economic ones – to the free technical information exchange about wine.

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SIVE, the Italian Society of Viticulture and Enology, was founded in 1996 with the purpose of promoting the transfer of knowledge from one region to another and the partnership between the research and the production sectors.

In 2002, Vinidea gave birth to the Infowine internet journal and then brought forward this project through different partnerships in France, Portugal, the USA, Argentina and Australia.

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