Courses, seminars and webinars

A speaker presents thoroughly a technical topic by exposing his/her experiences or by making an up-to-date summary of scientific and practical information.
Our courses and seminars are held in different places, such as laboratories, schools or centers which Vinidea has established a partnership with.


Frontal lessons in classes (from 3 to 8 hours) including a practice exercise or a tasting itinerary. Generally, the same course is presented in a series of consecutive days and in different regions, so that it is easier to participate for those who are interested in.


A specialist presents his/her report on a specific issue. The speaker is often foreign and, in these cases, Vinidea guarantees an interpretation service into Italian. Also in this case, the same seminar is held in different places during the same week.


Seminars offered online: both the speaker and the participants are in front of their PC, either in their own offices or even on the road. They are just connected to an internet platform which allows to share the speaker’s audio and screen. This option let the participants save money and time; it makes it easier to have high-level speakers and, finally, it also makes it possible to have an interaction similar – or even better – to that of frontal lessons.

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