DIGIWINE SmartAgriHubs

The association SIVE (Società Italiana di Viticoltura ed Enologia) and the company VINIDEA have constituted the DIH DIGIWINE (SmartAgriHubs Sub-Grant Agreement 2282300354-SERVICE-04) whose mission is to promote the development and uptake of digital technologies in the European wine industry.

DIGIWINE offers services at 3 levels:

  • For innovative technologies already on the market in at least one European wine-growing region: dissemination and promotion activities among industry stakeholders
  • For technologies already developed but yet to be transferred to the wine sector (TRL 7-9): brokerage between companies, experimental centers and distribution networks, for regional adaptation work and marketing structure
  • For technologies at the POC level or pilot scale stage (TRL 3-6): contact with research centers, support for access to public funding


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