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Frequently asked questions

Training courses: types and modes of use

Fruition of digital products

To view purchased content (even in the case of a €0 purchase), you need to log in to by clicking on the “MY COURSES” button and entering your credentials (email and password); each piece of content may consist of one or more lessons, depending on the topics covered.

Use of classroom courses

Classroom courses are in-person classes held at various locations throughout Italy. They may be given by foreign speakers (in which case consecutive translation is provided) and include practical exercises and/or wine tastings. Material on the topic covered is made available in the “MY COURSES” area in the days after the course is held. Such material may consist of the slides projected during the course in the original language, and any articles and other in-depth content.

Fruition of live webinars

The live webinar is a tool that allows interaction with the speaker through question time: in order to participate, an email is sent with all the details for connection. For some types of webinars, recordings will be available and will be posted in the weeks following the date of the event in the “MY COURSES” section.

Purchasing Procedure

Dati di fatturazione

The courses are created and marketed by the company Vinidea srl based in Ponte dell’Olio, Piazza 1° Maggio 20, tax code and VAT number: 01286830334.

Sconti per associazioni convenzionate

Members of SIVE – Italian Society of Viticulture and Enology, Infowine Premium subscribers and members of VINIDEA affiliated Associations can access discounts on products/services offered by VINIDEA.

Click here to subscribe to Infowine Premium; if you are already a subscriber, wrtie to to receive the discount code.
Click here to sign up to SIVE (annual fee of €60, free membership for students and recent graduates); if you are already a member, write to to receive discount code.

Below is the list of other entities affiliated with VINIDEA and their contact from which you can request the discount code:
Per i soci Assoenologi (AEI), inviare una email a
For members of the Association of Italian Professional Enotecari (AEPI), send an email to
For members of the Italian Professional Sommellerie Association (ASPI), send an email to
Per gli appartenenti al Biodistretto della Valpolicella, inviare una mail a
Per l’associazione Donne della Vite, inviare una mail a
Per il Movimento Turismo del vino Lombardia scrivere a
For ONAV members, send an email to

Discounts apply only to fees for classroom courses and live webinars.

Crediti professionali e attestato di partecipazione

Assoenologi credits

For years, there has been a close collaboration with this association, which allows us to secure educational credits for our classroom courses and live webinars.

The number of credits varies according to the type of event and is specified from time to time in the event description along with how to apply.

Professional Order of Agronomists and Foresters (Ordine Professionale Agronomi e Forestali ) credits

The number of credits is variable depending on the type of event and is specified each time in the event description along with how to apply.

Certificate of Participation

VINIDEA is not accountable for the timing of recognition of educational credits. For any inquiries, the person concerned should refer to the secretary of their institution.

VINIDEA will not be held responsible for incorrect or incomplete information communicated by interested parties for the purpose of the recognition of training credits, nor if such information, although correct and true, should be communicated in a manner different from that made explicit in the descriptions of the training events.

Attestato di partecipazione

All participants in our classroom courses will receive a certificate of attendance delivered in hard copy on the day of the course.

Participants in live webinars and e-learning courses will find information on how to obtain a certificate of attendance in the description of the webinar/videocourse they wish to purchase.

General information on using the App

How to use purchased content

After installing the App on your mobile device, log in with your data by clicking on the ‘Account’ icon.

Once logged in, to view previously purchased content, click on the “My Courses” icon and select the course you wish to view. Scroll down the page until you reach the “Course Content” section, select a lesson and wait a few moments for the content to load correctly.

The lesson can be played online or downloaded for viewing when the device is off-line; in this case, the content will be available by clicking on the “Download” icon.

How to buy a course

From the App it is also possible to purchase new content via the ‘Add to Basket’ button.
To finalise your purchase, click on the green “Proceed with Order” button in the shopping cart.

If you were previously logged in, you will be shown the stored billing details, which you can correct or supplement. Alternatively, you will be asked to enter your login credentials or create an account in the case of a first purchase via App or the website.

Continue to the shopping cart to choose the payment method and click the ‘Place Order’ button to complete the purchase process.

In the case of payment by credit card or Paypal, the content will be immediately available in the ‘My Courses’ area; for payment by bank transfer it will take a few days for the credit to be verified.

Se non hai trovato quello che stavi cercando scrivici a, ti risponderemo il prima possibile.