MOVING project

MOVING (MOuntain Valorization through INterconnectedness and Green growth) is a Horizon 2020 project (2020-2024).

It aims to build capacities and co-develop policy frameworks across Europe for the establishment of new or upgraded and upscaled Value Chains (VCs), contributing to resilience and sustainability of mountain areas, valorising local assets, and delivering private and public goods.

Mountains cover 36% of European area and play an essential role in the provision of public and private goods. However, they are still considered ‘the undervalued ecological backbone of Europe’, due to the inadequate knowledge about many aspects of these regions affecting their management.

MOVING will provide new collaborative tools for the definition of policies in mountain regions, as well as guidelines for renewed policy options with a view to enhancing the connectivity, sustainability and resilience of these areas.
It will be done in a bottom up participatory process with VC actors, regional and European stakeholders and policymakers.

MOVING will screen the VCs existing in the European mountain areas and will assess indepth 23 selected Reference Regions in 16 countries, which represent the wide diversity of mountain areas in Europe.

For that, the project will build a Europeanwide Community of Practice (CoP) on Mountain VCs, based on Multi-actor Platforms (MaPs) that gather stakeholders, policy-makers and researchers, and involve them in the co-design and validation of all research outputs.

MOVING will connect research, policy and society through 23 Regional Multi-Actor Platforms (MaPs) and one EU-related MaP.
These will be the core forum for two-way exchanges of ideas for co-learning and co-creating knowledge with actors at European and regional levels.

MOVING will include several types of stakeholders, to ensure that all voices are heard. The MOVING MaPs will be composed of farmers and producers, business providers, people involved in different stages of the VCs, policy-makers, authorities at different levels, local citizens (specially youngsters and women) and everyone interested in the future of mountain areas.

The regional MaPs will play an essential role in the analysis of the vulnerability of mountain areas and the assessment of their VCs, and the EU MaP will codevelop and validate MOVING outputs. Through different online and face-to-face workshops, MaP members will help MOVING partners to define a common vision and understanding of the main concepts, validate a comparative analysis of the resilience and sustainability of value chains, identify most likely future scenarios through a foresight exercise, and, finally, develop a Policy Roadmap for resilient and sustainable European mountain regions.



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