The project “Vintegro” has received funding from the European Union’s through the Region Tuscany Rural Development Plan 2014-2020 (activated measure (16.2). It aims is to produce naturally stable wines with less use of addition and elimination enological technics, reducing the negative environmental impact.
The project started in february 2019 and will last 32 months.

The objetive of the project is to improve the quality and the image of Tuscan wine: – By obtaining a naturally more stable wine, thus avoiding unwanted precipitation and turbidity in the bottle – Reducing the use of chemical-physical treatments on wine, with less removal of positive compounds and a decreased concentration of possible allergens in the finished product – Reducing the overall environmental impact of wine, with lower consumption of energy and water resources for wine stabilization treatments and for its inadequate transport and distribution protection. – Reducing production costs The specific objectives of the project are: – to develop a stability test and to use it to identify the winemaking practices that mostly affect the macromolecular stability of a wine; – perform experimental activities on a new additive for tartaric stabilization; -to draw the guidelines for the production of naturally stable wines; – to perform specific actions for prompt introduction of the innovation in the production process of Operational Group partners, and to disseminate the new findings to a wide number of Tuscan wineries; – to develop a training program targeting cellar and vineyard.

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